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Ayla Cheese Platter – Rose Quartz (Small)


Gorgeous crystal platters plated with a gilded edge. So chic and fabulous, you will wow all your friends. These irresistible platters can be used for a stunning cheese & fruit display or for ornaments and candles as a centerpiece. These pieces are also ideal as housewarming gifts.

Made with Rose Quartz, this semi-precious stone is associated with crystal healing properties for increased joy, warmth and love. With its light pink / rosy hues, this stone is undoubtedly beautiful and sensual.

It’s is believed that the Rose Quartz is connected with the Heart Chakra and is thus used in all matters of the heart.

Dimensions: W 15cm x L 20cm x H 2 cm (size may vary from piece to piece)

Material: Rose Quartz, Gold

One of a Kind: Due to the handmade nature of this item, no two pieces are the same. Handmade items have natural imperfections that are considered a part of the product’s identity. Color may appear slightly different in real life. 

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