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Melange Floor Mats


Monochromatic floor mats that are ideal for indoor or outdoor living.

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Inspired by nature, the Melange mats are a modern take on the traditional floor mats used in Asia. They represent a gathering of people coming around together to enjoy a leisurely time, a picnic or simply used as a placed to sit around for a meal. The floor mat is made with a PP plastic which allows it to be waterproof and can be used as an accessory outdoors or even a substitute for a carpet indoors. Assuring to enhance any interiors with a chic and modern design. Reversible design and color pattern in black and white.

Features: Double-sided use, UV resistant, Color Resistant, Waterproof, Mold Resistant, Allergy-Free, Tightly-woven and durable, Detailed Design

Care Instructions: Use a wet cloth with light liquid detergent for minor stains.

Avoid dragging large furniture across the mat, using sharp objects, paint or open fire near the mat.

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90 x 200 cm., 150 x 240 cm., 180 x 270 cm.

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