Kisan by Kazuo Shiraga, 1991

In the dizzying metropolis of Hong Kong lies a pulse for culture, self-expression and simply put, the arts. Art Basel (Hong Kong) & Art Central have become THE household trade shows for this variety of expression. Art Basel is the behemoth art show that originated in Basel, Switzerland and has now premiere shows in Miami and Hong Kong annually.

Art Central on the other hand is unique to its neighboring trade show. In essence, it is in someway more localized and accessible. Featuring fewer artists but intriguing pieces at more attractive prices. Not bad for a city that glistens in monetary abundance.

With all it’s commercial appeal, the extravagant launch parties and serious networking (the shows combined claimed to have had at least 80,000 visitors this year), to find artworks genuinely being appreciated and purchased, gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that artists from different ends of the world can be noticed. The shows gather a range of over 250 galleries worldwide, featuring contemporary artists from countries such as China, Thailand and regions in Africa. In search of beautiful Nigerian art, look no further.

The shows take place in March of every year. For more information, please visit and

Fragmen Pustaka – Bedah Buku by Agus Suwage, 2019






Shades in Ascent by Steve Leung sponsored by Swarovski